2009 Premier Wins

Premier was a BluHaven BLAST!

"HONOR to whom HONOR is DUE"

I've only been to one Premier in 2006 when Faith's sire HUNTER also earned a BOB & Terrier group 1 win!
In 2009, out of the 3 shows I showed my bred bys in, they all were recognized.
Day 1- Faith won the Grand class, BOB and Terrier group 1! Following daddy's paw prints.
The judge told me & Kayla, the grand class win was between me & Faith and Kayla & Bucky! SWEET!!!!
Day 2- Faith earned an AWARD OF MERIT
Day 3- Me & Faith, and Sydney & Hope made the small final cut! SO SWEET!!!
Hope competed in the fun agility, and high jumping! Hope jumped with the state high jumping champion. 
She jumped at the 42 level, with the state record being 50. GREAT JOB HOPE & GARY!
Also the Pro Plan crew purchased a photo of  FAITH to put up on there 
WALL OF FAME for next year! SO KOOL!!!!!

Along with ALL Faith's accomplishments, she is now a
2009 Premier ~ Award Of Merit, Best Of Breed & Terrier Group Winner!

GR.CH.'PR' BluHaven's Keepin The Faith


My girl lookin Fine!

Faith, showing off her free stack in the  group ring!

Beautiful structure!

Gorgeous movement!

The Crew, Buck, Faith & Hope! 

Kayla & Buck, Great job kid!

Kayla having fun, showing Nay-Nay for Andy!

Faith & Hope, two pretty girls!

Hope high jumping, Great job Gary! 


Sydney & Hope doing agility for the first time!  


Go girls go!


Awwwwe! What a Team!




Gwen Kelley Hollis



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