Produced #2

~BluHaven's Breeding Of Magnificence~

2009 Litter /  Faith & Sonny

My goal was to out produce my last top winning litter.
Well here it is!

Introducing The Magnificent Eight!!!
~BluHaven's 2nd generation~
As I already had great temperaments, correct structure and phenomenal movement.
The only thing I wanted to incorporate to my line was pigment!
Well, I sure got what I wanted. Every style and coloration under the rainbow.
4 Boys and 4 Girls!
Faith never ceases to amaze me, in a show ring or a whelping box.

My little Blessing's ~ Days old!

A gorgeous litter ~  2 weeks old!

The New Crew ~ Nap time!

What A beautiful site for a pit bull breeder!

GRCH Spirit, CA GRCH Joy, 2011 Top Ten #8 GRCH Red , GRCH Gracie, 
2011 National Champion UNJ UWP GRCH Honor, CH Alpha, 
CA GRCH Precious &  CH Serenity!

Meet the Magnificent 8, out of my bred by girl Faith.
All 8 pups are titled TOP quality show & working dogs, with Total & Super dog title potential.
Just turning a year old, 6 out of 8 pups have taken BEST OF BREED wins, 3 have earned 
 With BOB and group placement wins achieved at the 2010 Premier.
Several pups earned these wins at their FIRST & SECOND show weekend out!!! 
2 have earned working dog titles on their 1 year old birthday! 
With one pup becoming the #1 Regional & #1 National Top Ten Novice Handler Dog
All achieved at 6 months to a year old!

The FIRST weekend out, Spirit, Red Boy and Serenity all became NEW CHAMPIONS,
with Honor showing one day taking 2 legs towards his Championship. Serenity & Spirit earned 
Best Of Breed and Group 1 wins. With Spirit going on to take a BEST IN MULTI BREED SHOW win!  
WOW!!!  All achieved at 6 months 3 & 4 days old!
FIRST weekend out like her litter mates, Precious also becomes a NEW CHAMPION!
Earning 2 Best Of Breeds, a group 1 and group 2 win. She is the third puppy to take Best Of Breed wins 
at her first show! SECOND weekend out, Precious (8 months old) goes on to take 2 CH wins a 
Best Of Breed and a Group 2 win at the 2010 Premier. SO SWEET! Her third weekend out, the Princess
PRECIOUS becomes FAITH's first GRAND CHAMPION offspring!!!
First weekend out at the 2010 Premier, Alpha & Joy earned 3 Best Males, 
3 Best Females and 3 Best Of Winners!
Honor & Joshua's SECOND weekend out earn a CHAMPION title in style. With a Best Male,
Best Of Winners, Best Of Breed and a Reserve Best In Multi Breed Show win! Amazing newbies!!!
At the 2010 Gateway Nationals, Red Boy becomes a NEW GRAND CHAMPION in style.
Taking a BOB & Group 4 win! The Gateway Terrier Specialty winners were Precious taking a 
BOB and Group 2 win and Red Boy & Joy take the CHAMPION & RESERVE CHAMPION WINS!  
Precious & Joy earn their C.A. Lure Coursing titles at the Gateway Nationals also.
My daughter Grace GRANDED her girl Joy out taking 2 CH wins, her third weekend out. 
My 8th titled pup Gracie, earned her Championship in typical BluHaven style, 
with a Best Female, Best Of Breed and a Group 1 win at her SECOND show weekend out!

Magnificence In Action!  With many more titles to come!

At a year old, we achieved 2 more Grand Champion titles.          
With one becoming the
2011 National Champion! 
Also 2 more working titles, a United Weight Pull Title & a United Novice 
Jumper Dock Diving Title.
With another pup becoming the
2011 #8 Top Ten Dog and 2 more pups tied for 
2011 #1 Regional & #3 National Top Ten Novice Junior handler dogs.

     Making a litter of 6 GRAND CHAMPIONS     
and 2 CHAMPIONS with 4 working titles!
The 2011 National Champion, the 2011 #8 Top Ten Dog,
and 3 Top Ten National Junior Handler Dogs!

With still MANY more titles to come



Gwen Kelley Hollis


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