***Faith's Third Grand Champion offspring***

Best In Multi Breed Show Winner  
(At 6 months 1 day old!)

 GR.CH. BluHaven's Powerful Spirit  

Holy Spirit: He strengthens and empowers the followers of CHRIST. 

My special Spirit, I sent him to my girl Sydney (8 years old), to live with 
GR.CH.'PR' BluHaven's Heavenly Hope. 
Following in his mothers paw prints, the first weekend out Sydney took 3 Best Males, 3 Best Of Winners,
 a Group 1 over 7 terriers, a Best Of Breed and a BEST IN MULTI BREED SHOW win with Spirit,
 becoming a NEW CHAMPION at 6 months 4 days old! 
Again just like his mother Faith, the very next weekend Spirit earned a Reserve CH win and 
3 CHAMPION wins at 6 months old! WOW!  Spirit became Faith's third Grand Champion.
GREAT JOB GIRL!  Way to start his show career!

Spirit at 1 week old.

Handsome fella!

Who's who?  The twins Spirit & Joy.


Me & Spirit saying bye, before his flight. 


New buddies, Spirit & Sophie.


So cute, he's enjoying the snow.
Thanks for the photos Gary.


Lookin good at 9 months old.


Born: Oct. 28, 2009                                                                 Color: Red / White
20 inches - 65 lbs.

Spirit's show wins

Sire: Gaff's Lucky Sonny 

DamUKC's Youngest Grand Champion
2008 Top Ten #2
GR.CH.'PR' BluHaven's Keepin The Faith



Gwen Kelley Hollis



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